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 Responders rebid

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Partner opened 2NT

Partner has opened a hand which is either balanced, or more or less balanced subject to a set of possible constraints agreed by the partnership.

The range will also be closely defined.  There are several possibilities.

At an early stage you will probably choose a range of 20-22 in line with the majority of club players.

As you proceed you may well adopt a two-point range such as 21-22.

All of the more advanced methods in the following are written in the context of this second range, although the methods are readily adjusted to fit any other agreed range.

You made a limit raise

You made a natural game-forcing bid

You bid Stayman

You made a red-suit transfer

You bid 3

You bid 3NT (artificial and forcing)

You made a Texas (or South African Texas) transfer

You bid a new suit at the four-level

Opener’s rebid

Beginner and above

Context  -  Responder’s rebid.

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