Beginner and above

Responder’s rebid and beyond

It might seem a little strange to have a section on ‘the continuing auction’ and another on ‘responder’s rebid and beyond’.

Quite simply, if the continuations are specific to the sequence which has led to responder’s rebid then the entry will be found in this section.

If on the other hand the discussion is more about general principles which might appear in an extended auction then they will be found under ‘the continuing auction’.

In particular, the sequences which agree a strain and set up a situation in which you might wish to investigate a slam are to be found in this section, but the actual mechanisms used in the slam investigation itself will be found elsewhere.

The following pages are classified in terms of partner’s opening bid:-

partner opened 1NT;

partner opened 2NT;

partner opened one of a suit;

partner opened two of a suit.

Context  -  Acol bidding.

Theory and Conventions


M J Bridge