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Partner opened 3NT

In the section on the opening bid I mentioned four possibilities for this bid.

Intermediate and above

Not recommended

The Gambling 3NT

This is considered on its own page.

the gambling 3NT

Minor suit preempt

Partner’s bid shows a preempt in one of the minors.

It is unlikely that the suit will run as in the gambling 3NT.

More often than not you will bid a minor suit for partner to pass or correct.

J 8 7 4 3

9 6 2

K 4 2

J 3

Partner opened 3NT showing a minor suit preempt.

You certainly don’t want to be declaring 3NT.

Bid 4.

Partner will either pass or convert to 4.

But it is just conceivable that, once in a blue moon, you might take a punt on the no trump game.

A 8 4 3

9 6 2

A Q 4

K J 7

Partner opened 3NT showing a minor suit preempt.

There is a fair chance that your minor suit holdings will convert partner’s holding into a running suit.

There are no guarantees, but I would be tempted to leave 3NT in, and just pray about the heart suit.


The Kabel 3NT

The following is a system of responses which concentrates specifically on responder’s ace holding. (An alternative system concentrates on single aces and specific kings.)

The responses follow a straightforward pattern:-

4   no aces

4, 4, 4, 5 - named ace

5, 5, 5, 6 - two aces in adjacent suits -the suit bid + the next higher ranking

4NT                  two aces in non-adjacent suits;

5NT                  three aces.

There is something to be said for interchanging the 5NT and 6 responses.

Opener’s first bid

Context  -  Responder’s first bid.

Beginner and above

Natural, balanced, and strong

I consider this approach to be long past its sell-by date and I shall give it no further consideration.

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