M J Bridge

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 Responder root page

Partner opened one minor

The goalposts have moved.

Five of a minor is a distant prospect.

Your initial aims will be to locate a fit in a major suit, or a contract in no trumps.

Because your destination is not clear assessment of the hand is more difficult than is frequently the case when facing one of a major.

However, in general, your priority will be to change suit with 5 or more points, to keep the bidding open to 2NT or three of a suit with 10 or 11 points, and to force to game in a major or no trumps with 12 or more points.

(An earlier standard replaced the ranges above with 6 to 9, 10 to 12, and 13 or more.  Make sure that you are agreed on your chosen ranges.)

You will be rather more reluctant to change suit with less than five points than you were when raising partner’s major, but a light change of suit at the one-level into a quality five-card major (K J T x x say) would be a reasonable exception.

Note that you should only make a first response in no trumps as a last resort and such a bid should be taken to deny a four-card major. In general your priority should be to make a natural forcing change of suit whenever possible.

no intervention

opponents intervened

Beginner and above

Opener’s first bid

Opener’s rebid

Context  -  Responder’s first bid.

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