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Partner opened 1NT

Partner has opened 1NT.

In so doing he has given a picture of his hand.  Now it is up to you - you are in the driving seat.

If you have a weak hand you will find a way of stopping at a low level, either by passing or by arranging to finish in a suit at a low level;

if you have an invitational hand you will find a sequence which invites partner to choose between signing off with a minimum or going on to game with a maximum;

and if you have a game-going hand or better you will find a way of forcing to the appropriate level, frequently searching for the best contract as you do so.

Just by the way, the above comments also apply when partner opens with 2NT - only the point-ranges will have changed.

What the above does not tell you is:-

what constitutes a weak hand;

what constitutes an invitational hand;

what constitutes a game-going or stronger hand.

and how to achieve these aims.

The continuations are discussed according to whether

RHO passed


RHO intervened

Beginner and above

Opener’s first bid

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Context  -  Responder’s first bid.