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Partner opened one of a suit

In the uncontested auction you should find some sort of response if you hold six or more points.  This covers the possibility that partner might hold as many as nineteen (or possibly even more) points for his opening bid at the one-level.

Increasingly in the modern game you will also try to find a response with only five points (or even four) if you have an honest change of suit available at the one-level.

Note also that you should only make a first response in no trumps as a last resort.  In most cases it is preferable to make a natural forcing change of suit or a raise of partner’s suit when possible.

Your actions will differ according to whether partner’s opening was in a minor or a major; whether you do or do not hold support for his suit; and whether or not your opponents intervene.

I shall attempt to structure these different situations as logically as possible.

Note in particular that new categories of support bid have been introduced in recent times, particularly those related to the fit-showing jump.

It is strongly recommended that you aim to incorporate some such bids as you proceed towards and beyond an intermediate level.

If you are new to bidding or to Acol bidding then start with ‘partner opened one of a major in first or second seat and you have four-card or better support’, then return to the other possibilities when partner opens one major.

Beginner and above

Opener’s rebid

Opener’s first bid

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