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A beginning method

The most important principle to be grasped is that when responding to an opening bid of 1NT you are in control of the auction.  Partner has already described his hand in considerable detail, and it is now up to you to plot the way ahead.

You will either set the contract or offer partner a choice of contracts, but all he is allowed to do is to follow your direction.

The bids available for this purpose are:-

weak take-outs

natural game-forcing bids

limit raises (including ‘pass’).

Frequently taught at this stage is


but I should stress immediately that this is rarely the right bid and it does not come with my seal of approval.

The ways in which you can use these bids to deal with various hand-types are linked from the page

defining the hand

The various possible auctions using these methods are summarised in

a table of sequences

and a further page gives an indication of the shortcomings in this beginner method and points the way ahead

shortcomings in the beginner method

These methods are recommended for beginners in the earliest stages,

but you should look to incorporate at least some of the methods included under ‘improvers’ methods’ sooner rather than later.

Beginner only

Opener’s first bid

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Context  -  Partner opened 1NT - RHO passed.

Opener’s rebid