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Gold responses

A totally different approach is suggested by David Gold in the April 2017 edition of English Bridge.

To the best of my knowledge this approach represents his own ideas.  For that reason I have attached his name to it.

On the assumption that anyone who publishes their own ideas will welcome any attempt to spread those ideas I repeat the main gist of that article here.  Hopefully I am not in breach of copyright.  Let me know if I’m wrong.

The structure suggested will work best facing a game-forcing (or 23+ balanced) opening bid of 2, and concentrates on showing suits held by responder which more often than not will be lost using standard methods.

In essence the method is as follows -

in response to an artificial and game-forcing opening bid of 2:-

2    is artificial, 4+ points, not suitable for anything else;

2    is artificial, 0-3 points;

2    is natural, 5+-card suit, 7+ points;

2NT  shows 5+ hearts, 7+ points;

3 of a suit promises at least a six-card suit with two of the top four honours;

3NT  any solid 6+-card suit.

These responses sit particularly comfortably alongside the ‘Kokish’ convention.

You will frequently get an opportunity to show other long suit holdings following an initial 2 response and the 2 relay rebid by opener.

I have never played this method, but I have little doubt that in the hands of a serious partnership which is prepared to put some effort into refining its system this method will repay its efforts, and will locate some elusive slam contracts with great accuracy.

Opener’s first bid

Opener’s rebid

Post intermediate and above

This page last revised 15th June 2017

Context  -  Responder’s first bid - partner opened an artificial strong two - RHO passed - positive responses.