M J Bridge

Theory and Conventions



Responder’s first bid

Partner has opened -

your right-hand opponent may or may not have intervened -

and now it is up you.

You are the director for the next move.

Your next, and subsequent, action(s) will be determined by your agreed methods, and these will be dependent on partner’s choice of opening bid.

It (they) will also be dependent on your evaluation of the potential of your hand - is it weak, invitational, game-going, etc.?

Assessing the hand

When you first picked up your hand and sorted it you probably started to assess it in terms of whether or not you had enough to open the bidding.

Now that partner has started the ball rolling you must reassess that potential.

And, as with the available methods, this will depend on what partner’s opening bid has told you about his hand.

The links below take you to the appropriate page depending on partner’s first bid.

When you get there remember not just to look at the choice of methods available and your choice of next bid, but also at how you should reassess the potential of your hand at this point in the auction.

partner opened 1NT

partner opened 2NT

partner opened one of a major

partner opened one of a minor

partner opened two of a suit

partner opened at the three-level

partner opened at the four-level

Beginner and above

Context  -  Acol bidding.

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Opener’s first bid

Opener’s rebid