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There are more web sites concerning one or more aspects of bridge bidding than anyone could reasonable begin to count.

What follows is little more than a list of some which I have come across.

Note that not every suggestion on every site is necessarily recommended, and certainly the learning player should restrict himself to a limited palette.  The sites do indeed contradict each other on occasion, and the present site will no doubt add to that list of conflicting suggestions.

English bridge union

including in particular the regulations which apply to all competitive duplicate bridge in England.


links to most county organisations and clubs in England.


a massive site covering many aspects of the game.


The clearest summary of conventions which I have found on the net.  Also links, articles etc.

Bridge Guys

Everybody’s port of call over a period of time, but it appears to have disappeared from sight.

Chris Ryall

Contains particularly authoritative articles on all matters relating to weak opening bids at the two-level.

Pattaya bridge club

Terence Quested’s pages on all things to do with bidding and conventions, including several ideas of his own.

Andrew Robson bridge

Strongly recommended is this site belonging to the man whom I believe to be England’s premier bridge player and bridge teacher.

Particularly recommended are the ‘Beginner corner’ and ‘tips for intermediates’ both to be found under the subheading ‘Andrew’.