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I have written this site using Serif WebPlus X8 (now a legacy product), which produces code in HTML 5 (as I understand it).

All page widths are set at 1255 pixels, and the shortest pages have a height of 890 pixels.

This ensures that the pages fit on a screen set to a resolution of 1280 by 1024 allowing space for a vertical scroll bar.

It gets a little bit lost in the middle of a wide-screen set to 1920 by 1080 but that is neither here nor there.

Whether these considerations are still relevant in the world of modern browsers and percentage displays I suspect not.

I have tested the site on Edge, Internet explorer and Chrome on PC’s running a windows operating system.

It also seemed to display satisfactorily when I looked at it on an i-pad, but I cannot vouch for its appearance on other hardware or platforms.

A correspondent let me know recently that the site appeared in a somewhat confused state when viewed via safari on an Apple Macbook.  However, when viewed through Google chrome on the same machine (I think) there was no problem.

The same correspondent was able to view the site using safari on an iPhone with an iOS operating system.

There is little I can do (I believe) about this problem immediately because of the dated program in which the site is written.

The problem probably arises because every page is set up with a fixed page width - which is not the modern way.

 - I may or may not get round to rewriting the whole site sometime in a more up-to-date compiler but don’t count on it.

However, the above suggests that a trawl round alternative browsers and/or operating systems may well solve problems of this nature.

I shall be happy to hear of other difficulties of this or a similar nature, or of any easy solutions, but I can’t promise that I will be able to solve such difficulties.

This page last revised 23rd Sept 2019