Theory and Conventions


M J Bridge



Opponents open with a natural strong two

This is a rare bird in tournament play in this day and age, but you must be prepared for it.  In this situation you should exercise considerable discretion.  Your opponents are already half-way to a full description of their hands, so scope for disruption is relatively limited and the potential for punishment is always lurking round the corner. That is not to say that you retire respectfully into a dark corner to admire their ensuing auction, but the gung-ho approach will not pay off in the long run.  Your intervention should be based on a long strong suit with the dual targets of a high-level sacrifice if you find a fit with partner, and the suggestion of an opening lead.

Usually their opening will be in the form of a ‘strong two of a suit’.

I am perfectly satisfied with a simple approach:-

all suit bids are natural;

double will be a rare bid, but would be for take-out.

My suggestion is that you bid naturally on single-suited hands, as high and as fast as you dare, bearing vulnerability in mind.

Just occasionally you will meet a pair playing strong natural bids at other than the two-level.  The comments above still apply.


A 4

T 8 2

A K J T 8 6 3

Opponents open 2 (natural and strong).  I would bid 5 at favourable vulnerability.

Whether you would make this bid at other vulnerabilities is a matter of partnership style. Pass, intending to make your bid later is also possible on this opening hand.

And yes,  I know that there is a risk involved.

Beginner and above

Advancer’s next bid