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M J Bridge



Opponents open with a weak bid

There is something subjective in defining what is meant by a weak bid.

Feel free to modify this definition as a partnership, but typically such a bid will guarantee a maximum of 10 HCP in the hand.

Note that an opening bid of 1NT (weak) on 12 to 14 does not count as a weak opening bid in this context.

It is limited, but it is only weak in as much as it is not made on one of the stronger no trump ranges.

Strong over weak

The overarching principle is that you should bid ‘strong over weak’.

Your opponents bid is to an extent an advance sacrifice.  There is little point in making your own greater sacrifice, and changing a potential profit into a loss.

More importantly, if opener has less than his fair share of the points then there is an increased likelihood that there is a contract your way.  As he has already gone some way to taking away your bidding space you must utilise what bidding space remains as efficiently as possible in locating any contract which might exist for your side.

What is strong?

In this context, strong does not have to be any sort of powerhouse holding.

In general it is sufficient that you hold genuine opening values.

Occasionally you will compete on less than this when holding a hand with extreme shape, but in such cases your bid should indicate a contract which you have realistic hopes of making.

opponents opened a single-suited weak two

opponents opened a weak two-suited bid

opponents opened at the three-level

opponents opened at the four-level

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