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Opponents opened a multi-2

This convention, common in the UK and Europe, combines weak twos in the majors with one or more strong meanings, and is the only convention mixing weak and strong meanings in this way which is permitted in organised bridge targeted below expert level in the UK.

There are a number of different varieties, particularly in respect of the strong options, but on the whole this need not concern you at this point.  In the first place you should assume that opener’s hand is one of the weak varieties and act accordingly.

Defensive methods vary greatly from partnership to partnership.  For those of you who enjoy an extensive trawl across the web this topic can provide a fascinating search.

I have based my suggestions around the Dixon defence - common in the UK - and I have selected a particular style within that framework.

On the next three pages I shall consider some of the possibilities depending on whether you are

overcalling in second seat;

overcalling in fourth seat;

or overcalling in sixth seat.

Note that the page on overcalling in fourth seat assumes that partner has passed.  The continuations when you are in fourth seat and partner overcalled in second seat will be found in the section on advancer’s bids.

The methods outlined on the following pages are a compilation of a selection of ideas to be found on Chris Ryall’s web-site, the bridge guys web-site, and/or in Tom Townsend’s booklet in the Bridge Plus practice series.

The fact that each of these ideas is to be found in one or more of these places does not necessarily mean that, either separately or in combination, they are the recommendations of these authorities.  The Dixon defence provides a good basic method together with options to extend, but this is far from being the only way of going about things.

There are excellent alternative approaches to defending the multi.

An excellent summary of some of the possibilities is to be found on Chris Ryall’s site.

Post-beginner and above

Advancer’s next bid

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