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Assessing the hand

When you first picked up your hand and sorted it you probably assessed it in terms of whether or not you had enough to open the bidding.

Now that the opponents have got in first your assessment of the potential of the hand and whether or not you should overcall might be quite different.

You are now likely to be as interested in disrupting the opponents’ bidding machinery and in indicating a defensive lead as you are in starting a creative dialogue of your own.

Indeed, whether or not your hand would have qualified for an opening bid becomes almost irrelevant.  You need to reassess it in the context of an overcalling hand.

If you are confident of your assessment of the hand for the present purpose then go to the page ‘overcalling’ and follow the links from there to the pages specific to the opponents’ various possible opening bids.

Alternatively start by following these links for a discussion first of the


and then to the page

considerations and principles

before returning to a consideration of specific opening bids.

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