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Openers rebid

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You opened 2NT (strong)

The assumption on the following pages is that your opening bid was strong and natural on a hand which is fundamentally balanced (but possibly allowing one or two closely defined exceptions to this requirement, such as a singleton ace), and that the bid also shows a closely defined points range - usually one of 20-22, 19-20, or 21,22.

(The alternative method of using an opening bid of 2NT artificially to show weak a two-suited hand will be found in the section on opening two-bids.)

The continuations do not vary in style according to this points range.  Use the same methods to show the various possible hand-shapes whatever your agreed range, and adjust the points requirement accordingly.

As with an opening bid of 1NT, you have opened with a closely defined bid.

Never forget that responder is now driving this auction and that, broadly speaking, your job will be to do as you are told.

Note that the continuations in this section apply equally following a strong artificial sequence to 2NT.

LHO passed

LHO overcalled

Beginner and above

Responder’s first bid

Responder’s rebid

Context  -  Acol bidding - opener’s rebid.