Theory and Conventions


M J Bridge



Opener’s rebid

The continuations on balanced hands are fairly straightforward and will not detain us long.

Partner is usually in charge of the auction and you will do more or less as you are told.

Much the same applies to weak openings.

However, if you opened one-of-a-suit with an unbalanced hand then much of the following is of paramount importance.  Your choice of opening bid should have depended on the availability of a suitable rebid if partner made anything other than a limited response.  The continuations were discussed at some length in the context of the opening bid, and much of what follows does little more than repeat that material.

Strong two-level opening bids have their own specific set of continuations.

There are several situations in which your first two bids set the scene for possible continuations, and I shall include such considerations in this section.

For this reason, this will be an extensive section as much of the continuing auction is considered here.

you opened 1NT

you opened 2NT

you opened one of a suit

you opened two of a suit

you opened at the three-level

you opened a ‘Namyats’ 4 or 4

Beginner and above

Context  -  Acol bidding.