Theory and Conventions


M J Bridge



Beginner and above

Three weak and one strong

‘Three weak and one strong’ is my recommended basic method.

Weak twos

2, 2, and 2 are each natural single-suited weak twos.

A simple agreement is that the bids should each promise five to ten points together with a six-card suit headed by at least KT or QJ.


is artificial and is your only forcing opening bid.

It is frequently played as showing any hand of twenty three or more points.

Better is to widen the requirements just a little as indicated on the page ‘game-forcing bids

or to play the bid as ‘almost game-forcing’.


is strong and balanced on a range of twenty to twenty two.

Any lesser hand worth a game in its own right will simply start with a bid at game-level, and any other hand up to twenty two points will start with one of a suit.

The basic framework as outlined above can be varied in detail in a number of ways.

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One strong bid.

Context  -  Opening two of a suit in first or second seat - standard methods.

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