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M J Bridge



Beginner and above

Three weak and one strong

In principle, ‘three weak and one strong’ is my recommended basic method.

However, the system as given on this page is a particularly basic version, and comes with only a limited recommendation.

Follow the link ‘one strong bid’ for a slightly more supercharged (but not overcomplicated) version.

Weak twos

2, 2, and 2 are each natural single-suited weak twos.

A simple agreement is that the bids should each promise five to ten points together with a six-card suit headed by at least KT or QJ.


is artificial and is your only forcing opening bid.

It is game-forcing, showing any hand of twenty three or more points.


is strong and balanced on a range of twenty to twenty two.

Any lesser hand worth a game in its own right will simply start with a bid at game-level, and any other hand up to twenty two points will start with one of a suit.

I can give only a limited recommendation to this system as it stands.

However, a few tweaks will quickly transform it into my recommended ‘basic method’ which will be more than sufficient to see you through to quite a high level.

Follow the link ‘One strong bid’.

Context  -  Opening two of a suit in first or second seat - standard methods.

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