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Context  -  The opening bid.

Opening 6-3-2-2 shape

6-3-2-2 hands are both single-suited and semi-balanced.

The vast majority of the time you will treat the hand as single-suited, opening one of the long suit and rebidding in that suit.

Long major

I think it is fair to say that this will always be the case when the long suit is a major.

Long minor

When the long suit is a minor it will still be the norm to show the hand as single-suited as above, but with something in the region of seventeen points and a long suit of sufficient quality to suggest a source of tricks then the modern style (and recommended) is to open with one of the minor and then to rebid 3NT to play.

With a hand in the agreed range for an opening bid of 1NT (12 to 14 say) and a suitable distribution of the points you might occasionally prefer to open 1NT for tactical reasons with the emphasis on the preemptive effect of this bid - both vulnerability and position at the table will be considerations.

If your choice is to open one of a suit then go to

opening one of a suit

If your choice is to bid the hand as if balanced then go to

opening balanced hands

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