M J Bridge




Theory and Conventions

A - Balanced 12 to 14

Note that many of the deals in this selection would qualify for more than one of the categories into which I have divided them.

In this section I include any deal on which a likely starting point is 1NT based on a balanced (or occasionally semi-balanced) hand of twelve to fourteen points (possibly after minor adjustment).

For this reason, many of the deals fall squarely into the ‘humdrum’ category, but it also contains those deals on which you might wish to compare different versions of Stayman, transfer methods, Smolen, etc. etc., as well as overcalling conventions such as Landy and Apstro, and methods of dealing with intervention including Lebensohl and various ‘wriggles’ such as Halmic, Helvic, or ‘exit transfers’.

Hands A1 to A10