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A dictionary of conventions, theory, and technical terms

There are many conventional bids in modern bridge.

Some are in common use at all levels of the game - some exist only in the expert game - and some, believe it or not, exist only at the beginner level.

In this work I include at least one suitable convention for most of the imaginable situations in which a convention might be useful.  Some of these conventions are in common use, some are less common, there are one or two rarities and even a couple of my own original ones which you won’t come across anywhere else.  

Note that in must cases I have a preference for one of the methods on offer, and that I have also included a number of methods which are in fairly common use but which I do not recommend.

Each convention which follows is discussed in the correct bidding context in the ‘Bidding’ section.

In that section I shall attempt to show how the convention can be incorporated with the other bids available. I shall also indicate the level of expertise at which I consider the convention to be appropriate - I shall make clear my preferences - and in particular I shall let you know whether it is a convention which I think will add to your game, or one which is better discarded or replaced at an early stage.

The present pages do no more than list these conventions in alphabetical order and indicate where a fuller treatment is to be found in the main bidding section.

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