Theory and Conventions


M J Bridge



Making your choices

I will not hide the fact that I am fascinated by conventions.

That is not to suggest that the inclusion of a wide selection of conventions will make you a better player - or partnership.

For some thoughts on the place that conventions should hold in your life follow ‘some general thoughts on conventions’.

More important is that, as you set out to learn bridge, you should concentrate on common sense, logic, and underlying principles in a simple system before selecting all those little add-ons known as conventions, and as you move into the improvers’ category and towards and intermediate standard you must be careful to select those methods which really do improve a system - not just everything you come across because it sounds like fun (unless trying things for fun is your basic motivation).

For a suggested beginning method including hardly any artificial conventions follow ‘A beginning method’,


for suggestions as to how you might extend your repertoire follow ‘extending your methods’.

But if you really do want to learn a lot of conventions, or just some particular convention, or perhaps try to understand some piece of bidding theory then follow:-




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